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3rd Trenchless Romania – Conference & Exhibition

Why dig – when there are trenchless solutions?

Trenchless Romania is one of the region´s most significant conference and exhibition focusing on Trenchless Technologies. Trenchless Technologies are pioneering techniques which combine economic efficiency and environmental protection thus providing a modern approach for the installation, replacement or renewal of all underground utilities from, water, sewer, gas, and industrial pipelines to electrical conduit and fibre optics with minimum excavation and surface disruption.

Trenchless Technologies are particularly favorable construction methods in urbanized areas with heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic and numerous existing underground utilities. Trenchless Technologies are an optimal solution for crossing roadways and other transportation corridors as weel as rivers and waterways. Trenchless construction methods can also be used to install, rehabilitate or replace underground utilities located in environmentally sensitive areas and locations where surface access may be restricted due to the existence of structures or vegetation. Often, trenchless techniques are the only viable construction option. Trenchless techniques are also often the least costly option as well as the least disruptive.

The event will showcase machinery, products and services from international manufacturers and providers attracting top quality audiences from around the region whose aim is to expand their knowledge and experience the latest technologies for the installation and refurbishment of underground utilities.

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Speakers 2018

(confirmed speakers until 28.05.2018)

Andra Petrescu

Host of the event

Dr. Klaus Beyer

Secretary GSTT
Why Trenchless Technologies?

Mark Andre Haebler

Vicechairman Austrian Association of Trenchless Technology (AATT)
Process descriptions in Trenchless Technologies

Sebastian Schwarzer

Regional Sales Manager TRACTO-TECHNIK GmbH & Co. KG
Trenchless Installation of House ConnectionsCurrent state of art and a view into the futures developments with the Keyhole Technology

Dymitr Petrow-Ganew

Area Sales Manger, Herrenknecht AG
Long steel pipelines crossings with HDD and Direct Pipe technology

Marius Popp

Export Director Romania Funke Gruppe
Special fittings for sewerage systems

Ron Van Dam

General Manager, Romned Industrial Foundation Equipment
Trenchless Technologies for Smart Cities

Corina Durlescu

ENCON Smart Tech SRL
No dig technologies, the way to a Smarter City

Marcello Viti

Trenchless Manager ANESE
Project Mose- Connection of the Arsenale to Isola Nuova (Optic Fiber under the Venice Lagoon)

Cosmin Ticu

Sr. Sales Manager SABIC
SABIC's polyofelin solution for trenchless pipe installation

Peter Lorenz

Raedlinger Primus Line GmbH
Trenchless rehabilitation of pressure pipelines using a Kevlar reinforced lining system.

Sanem Gokay

Geological Engineer CETCO Mineral Technologies Merci
Cetco Drilling Products – Got Mud

Adrian Botezatu

Contracting and Study Manager- Terratest Geotehnic S.A.
Micro tunneling and International Experience

Michele Libraro

Director WPR Water Pipe Rehabilitation
Pipe-Jacking jobsites and pipe rehabilitation with relining technology

Poza Daniel Hotaranu

Commercial Representative WPR Water Pipe Rehabilitation
Pipe-Jacking jobsites and pipe rehabilitation with relining technology

Trenchless Romania – Conference Registration

The conference attendance is free of charge for network operators, planning offices/engineers and scientific institutes.
For all other persons the fee is 99 € plus VAT.

Please download the registration form here.

Trenchless Romania – Awards

The papers for Trenchless Romania Awards, 13th of June 2018 is now open! All companies interested are invited to submit a 300-word abstract (in English) outlining the scope of their project and the principal benefits to the trenchless industry. The abstracts should be submitted to maria.nae@masinisiutilaje.ro until the 1st of April 2018. The abstracts must contain the following information:

  • Title of Project
  • Trenchless Category/Section: e.g., Management, New Construction, Rehabilitation/Renovation etc. (water, wastewater, electricity, district heating, gas etc.)
  • Author’s Name
  • E-mail Address
  • Brief Description of Paper, Abstract in English of no more than 500 words, images and video of the projects

Papers accepted for presentation will be published on the homepage www.trenchless-romania.com
Contact person: Maria NAE, Project Manager · Tel: +40 724 550 830 · maria.nae@masinisiutilaje.ro

Trenchless Romania – Partner and Sponsors

- If you like to become a sponsor please contact Maria Nae or Thorsten Schulte.


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German Society for Trenchless Technology
Certified Partner of TRACTO-TECHNIK in Romania
Romanian Society for Trenchless Technology
Aquademica.ro - training, water treatment, environmental protection.
Petroleum Club of Romania.
Asociatia Romana a Antreprenorilor de Constructii
Asociatia Distribuitorilor de Utilaje de Constructii
UK Society for Trenchless Technology

Principal Media Partner

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Trenchless Romania - Contact

Audienta Generala AG
Masini Utilaje

Strada Roma, Nr. 16
Ap. 2, Sector 011774
Person to contact: Maria Nae
+40724 550 830

Contact in Germany
Person to contact: Thorsten Schulte
+49 (0) 2723 808-246

Trenchless Romania - Location

Accomodation-Packages available soon. - For more information please contact Maria Nae.

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9.2. Right to withdraw consent

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